pratical dog bowl

Meet the new bowl for your pet: ADVENTUROUS DOG BOWL. Practical, resistant and ecological. Take it wherever you want and make your routine with your companion easier!🐶

practical and efficient

Make your friend's life easier with the latest innovation in pet accessories: Pratical dog bowl Developed especially for dog lovers looking for practicality without sacrificing quality and comfort for their companions.


With its ability to flatten easily, this bowl is perfect for storing food conveniently, taking up little space when not in use.

Easy to wash

Pratical dog bowl not only makes it easy to store your pet's food, but also simplifies cleaning up after meals. Made from high-quality silicone, this bowl is incredibly easy to clean. Just rinse it with water and you're done! Thanks to its durable, stain-resistant material, you can quickly wipe away any food residue and ensure impeccable hygiene for your pet.🧼🐾

Ease with food

With the pratical dog bowl, storing your companion's food has never been easier! Thanks to its ability to flatten out when not in use, this bowl is perfect for storing the necessary amount of food for your pet during your outdoor adventures or trips.

pratical dog bowl to help animals



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